SOLWorld 2019: Signs of Progress

This years motto is Signs of Progress. Among the topics likely to be on the agenda are:

  • signs of progress within the SF approach
  • signs of progress as an element of interest in our work with clients
  • signs of progress in the position of SF approach among the possibilities for supporting desired change in organisations
  • signs of progress in the visibility of SF in the academic world
  • signs of progress in our communities of practice and how they change and develop

The format we chose has the best of two worlds – a curated fixed programme to make sure that there is enough diversity across the tracks to offer something interesting for everyone in every single slot; and ample time for open space to ensure that the conference is relevant and responds to emergent needs. Add long breaks for mingling,  socialising and spontaneous life-changing conversations and you’ve got the recipe for a conference we think will be one to talk about.

Our Invitation to contribute is still open.

What’s already clear:

Pre-conference day

May 22nd with 4 workshops to choose from (2 parallel programs, so you can attend 2 of them)

Morning program 9.00-12.00

Pre-conference 1: Tegyi Enikö/Áron Levendel: Room the Bloom: upgrade your meeting culture

Pre-conference 2: Biba Rebolj: Slowing down for going fast

Afternoon program 14.00-17.00

Pre-conference 3: Daniel Meier/Elvira Kalmár: Beyond Agile: Building Self-Managing Teams

Pre-conference 4: Haesun Moon: Making Progress Visible for Learner of Solution Focused Dialogue


Main Conference ‘Signs of Progress’

Start after registration and mingling May 23rd, 10 a.m.
Conference dinner – the social highlight of the SOLworld year with gala dinner: evening&night of May 23rd
Closing of the conference May 25th, 2 p.m.
Activities and recomendations in Budapest during afternoon & evning & night

Post Conference

On Experiential Learning and SF
May 26th, 9-2 p.m.
Featuring an interactive Keynote by Peter Szabó
Workshops and experiments by members of the Hungarian Community