SOLWorld 2019: Signs of Progress

This year’s motto is Signs of Progress. Among the topics are:

   signs of progress within the SF approach

  signs of progress as an element of interest in our work with clients

  signs of progress in the position of SF approach among the possibilities for supporting desired change in organisations

  signs of progress in the visibility of SF in the academic world

  signs of progress in our communities of practice 

The format we chose has the best of two worlds – a curated fixed programme to make sure that there is enough diversity across the tracks to offer something interesting for everyone in every single slot; and ample time for open space to ensure that the conference is relevant and responds to emergent needs. Add long breaks for mingling,  socialising and spontaneous life-changing conversations and you’ve got the recipe for a conference we think will be one to talk about.

Click on the picture and download it in PDF!

Detailed description of the program can be downloaded from HERE

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